Monday, November 4, 2013


     November apparently arrived last Friday. Somehow, perhaps due to the insane amount of time I have been spending in my one woman sweat shop, I missed it. It could be because for the first time in 44 years, Halloween came and went without any celebration at all and that really sucked. Not so eloquent, but it works. No pumpkins were carved, no decorations hung aside from a pretty Halloween bunting I made for myself last year, no trick or treaters coming to the door and my spawn decided that they are both too old to go trick or treating.  My 17 year old dressed up and spent the evening at his girlfriend's family's haunted house, my 13 year old spent the evening doing what she does and to be honest, until about 9pm, I was unaware that it was in fact Halloween. When I woke up on Friday and realized that I missed Halloween, I checked the 2014 calendar (aren't tablets handy?!?) and found out that Halloween is on a Friday next year so I decided right then and there that next year I will hostess the Halloween party to beat all Halloween parties! SO.MUCH.YES!
    Now that November is upon us, twinkling holiday decorations have made their way to the stores, mixed in nonchalantly with the other Autumn decorations and we not so suddenly have ourselves a holiday season. There are a lot of folks with their knickers in a knot over wintery holiday decorations out already, but as a person who makes fabulousness with the hopes that people see aforementioned fabulousness and support local artisans by purchasing it for themselves and/or others, if I wait until after carcass day, most folks have already started and if they are those crazy overachievers, finished their holiday shopping. So what's a ninja to do?
    I was an artisan in Artisan's Alley at the farmer's market on Saturday and I am man enough to admit that for a fleeting moment, hanging the spectacular assortment of my one of a kind holiday stockings felt a bit surreal but hang them I did! Oh my are they well hung!
No one purchased a stocking at that market, but nearly every one who visited my booth seemed to be making mental notes of prices/designs/colors/prints and they all asked when I will be back. Sure, it was 75 degrees and sunny, but the holiday spirit was in the air!
    No, I haven't started my actual holiday shopping yet, but I already have a page in my super secret notebook with my cryptic notes detailing which person will be getting what. I do make most of the gifts I give but when I don't make them myself, I buy them from another local artisan because that is how I roll!
     If you do any holiday shopping, when do you usually start?