Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reappearing Act

     Could it be? Am I really? Did anyone notice? Let's check [yes] on all those questions and get this big top erected! It has been a year since my last confession posting and being the kind and generous Ninja Queen that I am, I will not even attempt to recap the events of the past 12 months. You're welcome.
     This is the official beginning of my busiest time of year, which is amazing considering that busy is my modus operandi, and I have yet again decided to attempt something new! You may remember my Etsy shop, farmer's markets and all that fun stuff, but this year, I have taken on a few new venues and as of this morning, am a confirmed vendor at the Crafted at the Port of L.A. Mom and Pop up shop on December 21! I'm giddy, nervous, excited and a little scared all rolled into one giggling ball of curls and grins.
     Why am I nervous? Well, that's a good question *she says to her odd little dog sitting under the work table*. The farmer's markets have been fairly steady over the last year, but there are always those days where the sales barely cover my booth fee and that is a bit jarring. I love selling at the farmer's market, but due to a bit of mismanagement on the produce side of the market, our attendance is waning...in a big way. People in general go to farmer's markets to buy produce, the artisans are a cool little perk, so when the market dwindles down to less than a dozen food/produce vendors, the people find a new market.
"But you haven't answered the question yet"...right...I'm nervous because this is a BIG all day event & anytime you put yourself out there, you run a risk of reality not matching up to the way you envision it in your mind.
    I'm a big fan of visualizing spectacular things, and my mother some may say that that kind of thinking leaves you open to disappointment. I suppose that could be true, but for me, I like to close my eyes and see wondrous things!
   So here I am again...I won't promise to blog on any kind of a regular schedule, but I am glad to be back nonetheless. I hope you have all been well and I look forward to getting caught up on the goings on in the wilds of Bloggerville.
Peace, Love and Throwing Stars~


  1. I for one am glad you're back. I have missed you Amy. It's always more fun when you're around.

    1. I have missed me too! No, wait...well..Ok, there was missing and I may have been involved. I'm going to make an attempt to make a more [ir]regular appearance.