Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Sequel

My booth in the setting up process
As promised, I am back! Last night I was telling you about my new adventure-Selling LIVE and in person to the fine people of Orange County! I am obsessed with a huge fan of shopping at and supporting local farmer's markets, so one morning, whilst visiting with my good friend who sells delicious produce and divine fresh juice at farmer's markets, I asked him how you get to be a vendor. Being such a great friend (who may or may not be reading this as he may or may not know that I have this little blog-o-rama), he introduced me to the market director who gave me all the contact information for the vendor co-ordinator so I could fill out an application. A few weeks later, I got an email that I was in! YAY! My glee was briefly interrupted by panic as I realized that maintaining an Etsy shop was much easier than selling to people face to face. Crap! Now I had to sew and sew and sew...and sew some more to try and stock my booth. From June until mid-August, I was my own one woman sweat shop and I loved every second of it! The market debut went smoothly, I only had one sobbing meltdown all Summer and I  am now busily preparing to sell in the market again on September 21!
One of the tables of nifty stuff
 If you live in the area, the Mission Viejo Farmer's Market has "Artisan's Alley" the third Friday of each month. Come on out and see the nifty stuff in person!
Placemats and napkins

 I have been sketching and stitching my little fingers off for months now, and hopefully this week I will get some photos of the new items so I can list them on Etsy. Right now, I'm indulging my love of Halloween and perusing the Halloween fabrics in the shops before I start the big Holiday rush!
As of right now, I have 7 custom stocking orders already...But it's still too warm to wrap my mind around the Winter holidays.
Only 2 of these aprons came home with me! I sold the rest!
Well...I'm off to make some dinner and then back to my sewing machine! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a great Summer! What kind of adventures did Summer hold for you?
☮, ♥ and throwing stars~Amy

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