Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm not dead!

That's me in the middle! Only brown belt to earn a medal!
     She's ALIVE! Yes, it's true, I'm alive and doing quite very well for someone who seems to be going in 40 directions at any given time. Thanks for asking! I do realize that I haven't posted in 7 months, and I also realize that a lot of folks probably didn't even realize that I had seemingly abandoned my blog, but now I'm back *cue triumphant return music*, and I'm better than EVER!
     Let's get caught up a bit, shall we? Ok, I'm going to pull the pin in this update grenade, toss it and run...Ready? GO!

August:Tested for rank on my brown belt, tore hamstring DURING aforementioned karate test, managed to finish testing in mind exploding pain,registered offspring for school,finished most of the outside renovations on the house,still teaching karate despite injured leg,didn't sew much.
September:Arranged carpools, shopped for school supplies,offspring started school(super yay!),still teaching karate, still nursing injured hamstring, still didn't sew much,mourned not getting away at all during the Summer
October:Hamstring healing nicely but now I have an injured heel,still teaching karate but now wearing running shoes due to injured heel,received results from karate test in August, now a 2nd kyu brown belt-one more test before blackbelt, had a big ass BBQ to celebrate the home improvements, started sewing again for holiday season.
November:Didn't compete in karate tournament for the first time in 7 years due to injured heel that was taking it's own sweet time healing, got to watch the boy earn himself a medal in the karate tournament, listened to the girl play her violin every day, sewing A LOT, made awesome stockings for my Etsy shop, sold stuff.
December: Sew sew sew sew, thoroughly enjoyed the MANY custom order stockings I made!, baked, decorated,still wearing shoe whilst teaching karate,had a truly magnificent holiday season!
February: Back to [ab]normal normal life, foot feels much better, training without shoes in karate, got ready to compete in International Karate Championships, taught myself how to bake breads, competed in karate tournament and earned a bronze medal in women's 40+ brown and black belt division free sparring, baked an obscene amount of bread and bread type products.
WHEW! So if you haven't slipped into a coma, now we're all caught up! I will be blogging on a more regular type schedule now, I WILL! I know that I've left you alone in your skinny pants, crying into your latte and tweeting about your feelings for too many months now, but I will be posting a couple times a week from now on...and trust me, I think it will be mutually satisfying. Stay tuned for my very first FOOD PORN BLOG ENTRY...
Homemade dark chocolate pastries!

Jump back and kiss yourself! XXX~Amy


  1. Amy! Boy have I missed you! Welcome back to the fold! Pleas feel free to come to my blog a start trouble! I'd go on but I've run out of exclamation marks. Doctors orders. I had to cut down. I do have plenty of periods though. Perhaps I could have worded that better.
    Have you heard from Shupe or Heather? I do miss those ladies as well.
    You can count on me to be here.
    Ciao my friend.

    1. Hi, Paul! I talk to Shupe every day! We're sisters from another mister! Haven't heard from Heather, but I'm sure Shupe is still in touch with her. I hear Heather opened a cupcake shop...
      Can't believe you still have so many periods at your age *smirking*...You know how I LOVE causing trouble...I should go pro but then I couldn't compete in the troublemaking event in the Olympics *dramatic sigh*
      I'LL BE BACK!

  2. TaDaaa! I like recap entries :)
    Looking great, Congrats on the belt!

    1. Hey Pretty Lady! I've missed writing but baking like a maniac (do maniacs bake?), sewing, kicking ass & raising the future evil geniuses of the world is a full time and then some job!

      I'll be around more...I'm not sure if that's good or bad news for folks ;-)

      Kisses and squeezes from sunny SoCal~A