Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A new addition to our nutty family!

Meet Jet! She's our new puppy and she is, quite possibly, the cutest dog EVER! I didn't plan on bringing home a dog today, but I did plan to surprise the kids by taking them to the shelter to look at the dogs, see if one wanted to be part of our family, and put in an application to adopt. The process usually takes a week or so. Initially, I went to meet Chance, an 8week old American Bulldog puppy I saw on the shelter website. When we got to the shelter this morning, I found Chance's pen and saw that he had been adopted already, which was fine as this is the ultimate goal for animal shelters, right?

So, how did we end up with this beautiful Jack Russell terrier? Well that's why I'm writing this little bit of silliness so keep your panties on. Sheesh! Once we saw the "I've been adopted" sign on Chance's pen we went back to the very first pen and started working our magic on the various and assorted dogs of various and assorted sizes, shapes and personalities. Choosing a dog is a very zen kind of event for me and not something I just rush into all willy nilly. Willy nilliness is high on my list of things I love, but not when it comes to family pets.

The shelter had a lot of Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes, all of which were in some state of yippiness and jumping. Not for me. I have never been a tiny dog fan anyway, tiny yippee dogs are even less appealing. There was a beautiful yet HUGE pitbull, and very sad looking Boxer, a few of those really twitchy and jittery looking dogs that appear to have been groomed by someone hopped up on pixie sticks and wearing a blindfold, more Chihuahuas (makes you wonder why so many are at the shelter?) and some tiny balls of lots of fluffy white fur. While I was wandering around and stopping to talk with and listen to the other dogs in the shelter, I stopped in front of a pen with a little Jack Russell in it. I got down to her level and let her sniff my hand through the fence, she immediately laid down for a belly rub. This was a great start! I called the kids over to see her & asked the volunteer if we could take her out to the play yard. It was obvious right away that this little dog was a perfect match for my family. Even the 15 year old who insisted he didn't want some yappy purse dog and wouldn't take anything other than a giant beast of a dog was down in the grass playing with the puppy. YES! We love her! So, the spouse and I set off to start the adoption paperwork. As we're filling out the forms, the shelter director comes out and tells us the story of the little dog we like. Turns out she was abandoned at the shelter, the employees found her when they got to work one morning. She was tied to the gate with her leash and a note stating that the owners just couldn't care for her anymore.
She had been at the shelter for about a month. *awwwe* I know!
   We were just about to ask the director how long it would be until we knew if we had been approved to adopt her when she asked us if we'd like to take her home with us today. HELL YES! The kids and I were jumping up and down like dorks and saying "We got a puppy! YAY YAY YAY!"
We squealed, signed, squealed some more, paid the fees for our new friend and then all gathered on the bench so we could have our picture taken for the wall of happy adopters.
     We named our little friend Jet, because she's a speedy speedy little girl. She's 7 months old, already spayed, housebroken, vaccinated and microchipped.  Did I mention that we love her? What kinds of pets, if any, do you have?
Jet with her toys


  1. How adorable!! I just lost my three cats of 20 years a couple of years ago, and haven't replaced them.. I've had two shelter dogs, and they were wonderful. I never "buy" animals. I find them, adopt them, whatever!
    Jet looks very happy. I know you'll love her!

  2. Congratulation Gigling one! You've made one little doggy and one family very happy.
    Thanks for the visit. It's great to have you back!

  3. Jet is the perfect name
    they are a happy nutty breed- Perfect!!

  4. How wonderful! Very fine looking canine, and kudos to you and your family for going to the shelter. No doubt he will be a very fine family member.

  5. Hi Amy,

    That is wonderful - great for you all and Jet. I wish we had the time and energy to look after a pet -if I could retire...
    Good news re the dive training - pretty cold for diving around here though - lol.
    We survive. Hopefully we will thrive in time...