Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random thoughts, letting off steam and general nonsense

my newest completed creations
     What happened to January? Has this month flown by for anyone else? Seems I was just recently putting the last box of holiday decorations back in the attic and already February is upon us. Crazy, since this year I actually packed my holiday tree up early in January unlike most years when I keep it up until February 1st because I love looking at the shimmery lights and ornaments. Still, January seems to have gone by alarmingly quickly.
     Once again, I find myself struggling to be in a million places every day, keep up with the mood swings of a 14 year old boy, 10 year old girl and 44 year old man, do all the stuff around the house I should probably be but am most likely not effectively doing, teach karate, fit in my own karate training, gym time, make new nifty things for my shop, ending world  hunger, and be the best candidate for Miss America. Or something like that. Oh I know most folks are busy and pulled in too many directions, but since I'm the only one typing here right now, I'm actually sitting down and I don't drink, I'm gonna have a little ramble.
     If you hadn't noticed, I have myself a little shop over at Etsy (there's a link up above, it says, "all the stuff that is nifty". Press it!). Right now I only have a few items listed, but over the next week or so, I'll be finishing up my newest designs, photographing & then listing them. Have a look, if you get a few minutes. I like having visitors.
     My spouse says I do too much, he's not entirely accurate. I do a lot, that's true, but the rest of my family does too little, which in turn makes it seem like I do too much. OK, I just confused myself, but that's normal. In any case, let me ask all the parents out there, has anyone found a non-violent way of getting their family to pick up after themselves that doesn't involve driving bamboo (a highly sustainable and Eco friendly material!) skewers under fingernails, muttering unintelligibly, hurling profanity or *shuddering*, me picking up after everyone? I have tried a variety of very questionable and ultimately unsuccessful methods including, but not limited to: picking up their stuff without bitching or nagging because some "flylady" said your family will follow your lead if you stop bitching at and nagging them (it was bullshit, my family must not have gotten that memo), gathering up all the stuff left out when they were sleeping/working/at school and putting it out in the garage, culling all the stuff that was being left out thinking that perhaps if they had less stuff they'd leave out less stuff, calling a family meeting and rationally pointing out all the items left out and explaining how they cannot continue to leave out every single item they touch because one person should not have to pick up after 3 other capable people and finally having a complete and total emotional breakdown that ended in me driving off and leaving the entire family wondering if I was ever coming home. I did. I may be a bitch, but I'm a bitch who wants to see her children grow up.
    My spouse was raised in a house with one of those, "it was easier if I did everything" and "picking up after everyone is just part of being the mom" kinds of mothers. Of course she also had a nanny, her husband worked a normal day time job (mine has worked the graveyard shift for 21 years), and she didn't work outside the house at all, so sure, she had all the time in the world to be the perfect mother she wants us all to believe she is. June Fucking Cleaver I am not. Oh well, I guess I won't be mother of the year again this year. Damn.     
    OK, the dinner dishes have still not washed themselves, so I'm going to cut this bitch fest short so I can get to bed at a decent time. Right. 
    Thanks for listening. I'll try to keep my bitching to a minimum. 
Peace love and throwing stars~Ninja Queen


  1. I left some laundry in the drier. Would you be a deer,or a gazelle, I really don't care, and get it for me? Then there's the pancake stuck to the kitchen ceiling.
    Does June Fucking Cleaver have a blog?
    You have my vote for Miss America.
    You need any snow? I can get you a good price.

  2. My mother was the Queen of Delegation. One time she was fed up with us for not pullin' our load, so she stopped going to our rooms for dirty clothes, stopped doing dishes when we "forgot," and whatever we left in a common area (living room) got chunked unceremoniously either in our room or in the front yard - depending on her level of pissivity. After a coupla times wearing dirty clothes to school and not having supper because all the dishes were dirty, we would realize the error of our ways. The thing about Mother, though, is that she could out-wait us. And she loved proving her point. Consistency is the key...

  3. Blessings .....

    Yep its flown by. This month was mad busy for me at work. Haven't taken down the xmas tree yet, perhaps in the morrow if I feel like it.

    You can do all you want just make sure in all that you do that some of it is for you, for your benefit.


  4. Can you believe I just figured out how to leave comments? I'm growing more intelligent by the minute! I love when you bitch about stuff like this, because it reminds me that you're still human and have to do boring stuff. You're not just a cool ninja. You're a cool ninja who has to do dishes