Saturday, November 6, 2010

My hook kick brings all the boys to the yard

     Karatepalooza has kept me away from both my sewing machine and my laptop this week. I can tell when I'm long overdue for making something nifty when I start to get snippy with all the other members of my household, OK, with all the other members of society. Lucky for you, right? Thing is, it's tough to get my craft on when I'm ear deep in training, teaching, charting, testing and preparing for a karate tournament. To add to the insanity of things, my 14 year old son is a karate bad ass too, so he's got high school, homework and the aforementioned karatepalooza too. I don't believe in over scheduling our offspring, I think kids just need time to be, you know, that rare and elusive "me time" most adults pine after? So, karate is his "thing" aside from school and generally being a really great kid. I can't wrap my mind around how many times some mother clucker has smiled insincerely and asked me, "What do YOUR kids do?". After I finish my elaborate fantasy about stepping past her and delivering a swift and painful hook kick to the back of her empty head and hearing Michael Buffer announce "Winner by KTFO, Giggling Ninja!" I usually answer with something along the lines of "Well, my son is currently working on his doctorate at USC and my daughter is touring the country with the Boston Pops Orchestra". Dumb asses. They smile vacantly and nod their empty heads, the sounds of  gravel rattling around in their skulls distracting them  long enough for me to make my hasty escape.
     I'm rambling, and I'm OK with that. I don't have the time today to overthrow the dining room so I can design, cut out and sew something, but I need a diversion so I'm not obsessively going over katas in my head. Sewing centers my head and calms me. What do you do to prepare for big events and/or find a little patch of peace in a hectic time?


  1. My friends who have two teenagers and an 11 year old,(they started late) have every minute of their kids lives scheduled. Why can't people just let their kids be kids once in a while. Go out in the yard and play with a stick.
    I've seen your daughter with The Pops! A very talented muscian.
    Please don't kick me!

  2. Our twins (14) are over-scheduled, too.. We were never allowed to do that.. and I needed lots of downtime.. But I had it... I think it turns out much healthier adults.. Good for you!

  3. More power to you!!!
    Having a screwdriver in my hand, or being in the dirt centers me but those times are few and far between..

  4. I am not down with the whole over-scheduling thing either. I wonder sometimes if I'm a writer because I had so much down-time as a kid.