Saturday, October 16, 2010

The letters make typing slower

     After spending the majority of the past week locked in a battle of wills with my laptop, I made the announcement to no one in particular that I needed to buy a new one. Apparently, announcing such things aloud (to no one in particular) is exactly how the Matrix likes it because it just so happens that my favorite geektropolios had a great deal on a Toshiba lightning fast fancy new laptop! So, you guessed it. I bought one.
    Isn't it just the way things go that one finally masters their electronic doodad and then for some reason or another, ends up needeing to go out and purchase something new? Last week I reluctantly gave up my trusty little cell phone for a smart phone that initially made me feel quite dumb. I can only hope that no other electronic device malfunctions or I may go back to sending messsages in morse code or via carrier pigeons.
    Cut to a few hours post purchase of aforementioned laptop: After 5 years of furiously pecking away at the keys, downloading thousands of pictures, and being the gracioius recipient of a veritable buttload of music, most of the buttons had been stripped of their letters, numbers or symbols and quite honestly, I never looked at the keys anyway. Tonight I am not only making a slow return to blogging, but I'm inexplicably distracted by the shiny keys proudly displaying ALL of their letters, numbers & symbols. It slows me down, but all the same, I do like my shiny new laptop.
    Well friends, I've spent enough time on the vurld vide veb this week & I have a waaay too early morning karate class tomorrow, so let's call it a night and head to bed.
    Peace love and throwing stars~Giggling Ninja


  1. Hi Amy,
    I am on blogger too - but just as a place-holder. Please do use "Connect your services" on Windows Live and I can keep up with your mischievous postings (I know they will be!)

  2. Yea!! We're slowly getting back into it! Glad you're back, girl.. we've missed you. Hope you had a wonderful summer with the little (or no longer so little) ones, and have some fabulous pictures to put up..