Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Isn't this special

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Mary Frickin Sunshine type who plans to bend you over and shove my ray of positivity right up your...butt, I mean but, or do I? Where was I? Oh yes, today I was at the beach listening to the waves & seabirds & letting the sunshine warm my skin & trying to let the raging bitch I've been for the past few days wash away with high tide. I think it worked, I'd tell you to ask my family but I haven't fed them just yet so they may have a skewed perspective.
Now about that family I mentioned...Since this blog is a new neighborhood for me, I've decided to do something I don't usually do. Ahem, no...I ALWAYS do that! I'm going to share a little. If you're a glutton for punishment, you peeked at the short but sweet bio I'm eternally revamping so you know I'm a karate instructor. In karate terms, I'm a 3rd kyu brown belt bad ass mammajamma. In English, I'm a belt below black belt & busting my round booty to earn myself that coveted black belt. I teach the 7-14 year old beginner class, which, on it's worst days, is like nailing jello to a tree and on it's best days it's one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done. Kind of like being a mom! Speaking of Mom, I have two fruitloops of my loins; a 14 year old son & a 10 year old daughter, see above reference to nailing Jello to a tree. Or maybe putting socks on a chicken?
Well, the 10 minutes I've spent checking my shop, email, facebook and blogspot are over and there's a hungry tribe I need to feed before the teenager & I head off to karate. Stay tuned for more warm moments of inappropriate touching...In the meantime, what are you making/having/hunting/gathering/buying for dinner?

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  1. Little Mary Sunshine! You kill me my friend and though you are Amy to me you're still Magnificent.I look forward with great anticipation to reading your blog.
    I had pasta fagole if that's how you spell it. What the hell kind of an Italian am I that I can't spell fagole correctly. The g is pronounced like a j. I killed the beans myself. Now they're killing me. Ok I'll go away.

  2. Hey Ames!! Wish I was on the beach with you! I made Chicken Fried chicken patties tonight.. garlic cauliflower, corn, salad. yum. Glad you're going to blog with us again! Congrats on the brown belt.. you've been working hard since I last enjoyed your karate stories! Enjoy some more beach time for me..

  3. Super brown hoping to go black soon - makes sense to me.
    Takeaways tonight - which is unusual. Perhaps tomorrow I will try to force the children to eat something green...

  4. Paul-Do I need to revoke your Italian stallion card for misspelling fagioli? I'll do it!

    Jean-That sounds delish and I don't even eat meat! I'm coming to YOUR house for dinner tonight!

    Pat-There's been more takeaway food here lately than I like. Cursed life being so insane!
    Tallon eats pretty much anything, but Trelynn is the picky one, I got her to eat broccoli by giving her really cool chopsticks. Worked like a charm :-)