Sunday, October 24, 2010

But wait...I needed that!

     Sunshine makes me happy. It's true, as those of you who are familiar with my work know. For those just joining us on this slow boat to sillytown, I'm solar powered and for the last 9 days (give or take a day either way) the sun has been m.i.a. Having used entirely too many words to say not much of anything, I'll stop dicking around and let you know that this morning, the sun finally returned!
     So here's a little tidbit about me-Most Sundays, I wake up much earlier than I'd like so I can gear up and attend karate classes. I am a ninja you know, and a karate instructor, so it doesn't look good if I miss classes just because I want one more day to sleep past 5:30am *sigh* (but I really do want just one more sleep in day!).
    Now, imagine my giggling delight to wander out to my kitchen this morning and see this sight out my sliding glass doors:
     Amazing how a few shining rays of sunshine started my day of karatepalooza off on the right foot! I was training for the better part of 6 hours today, but I ate my lunch sitting in the sunshine, so I was happy.
     This blog isn't really about anything, I'm still getting back in the swing of blogosity again.
So, tell me, how was your weekend?


  1. We had a 3-day weekend here, thanks to a "Labour day" Monday. And, it hasn't really rained at all over the 3 days - but, it hasn't really shined either. Perhaps on Wednesday for golf!

  2. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  3. My weekend was pretty quiet except for the ball peen hammer incident. The sun will reappear here tomorrow. I need it for some fall photos. Lets see...Mabel neutured the cat. She did it herself! Saved mucho cash! I guess that pretty much sums up my weekend.

  4. I was busy, busy, busy this weekend!! Can't name that much I did more than usual, but I was runnin' all the time!! Glad you have sunshine again! I'd hate for you to have to kill any innocent bystanders just from lack of sun!!!lol
    love you!

  5. Lately weekends involve traveling to my teens' volleyball games but I did get to watch SNL and eat nachos. Yeah. I know. Pathetic.

  6. On Sundays the hubby doesn't wake me while he takes care of the kids and breakfast. Am i lucky or what? Sadly, he's gone all day on Saturday, so that Sunday sleep-in may be the gift of a guilt trip.

  7. Hi this is Jade- I just stumbled in here & omg it's you! LOL! :D