Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year, new nonsense!

The last sunset of 2013
     Well, I'm sure you all noticed that I didn't make it back to update, and most likely you weren't surprised and quite honestly, probably didn't notice.  The bottom line is, I don't sit still for very long and social media/computer things and I have a very dysfunctional loathe/hate relationship. That being said, I am here now! *cue applause* I did spend many days going to the beach and enjoying the unseasonably warm Southern California Winter temperatures, sewing fun things for friends and family, and one of my favorite things I haven't done in the better part of the last 6 months, READ! I love reading so much but the last book I started sat on my nightstand for months because I was too tired to get past chapter 1 but because I am not that person, I didn't post thrice daily updates on Facebook/twitter/instagram with the ass numbingly uninteresting to anyone but me goings on of my daily life. Consider that my gift to you.
     I have heard a lot of people say that they are glad that 2013 is over because it was a really crap year for them, and that makes me wonder if 2014 will be any better for those folks? Yes, some of my closest and dearest to me people were plagued by many unfortunate events that were well beyond their control, and 2014 better be much gentler to those I love or I will unleash a wrath on it that will...sorry, my metal bra and sword were chafing me and my inner smiter was showing...Now where were we? Right, ok-but some people...well...They do seem to enjoy a v.i.p table at their pity party for one. Yeah, you know who you are.
    On to resolutions: YIPPEE! No, not mine! Don't be ridiculous, I NEVER make New Year's resolutions. If I decide that something needs to change, I do it right in that moment. Before you roll your eyes so far back in your head that you can see your own brain, put your tomahawk in the fridge and read on. I'm not one of those people, I just know that if I wait for some mainstream predictable date upon which boring most people decide to make changes, I'll probably forget/lose the post it/see something shiny/just plain blow off said plans and decide that going to the beach is a MUCH better plan! Well...IT IS! So resolutions are a no. NEXT!
     A few weeks ago, I received notice from the city that the Mission Viejo Farmer's market where I was selling every other weekend is now closed permanently. At first, I was sort of lost without any markets on the books for January and then after talking it out with someone who always very generously listens to my twisted internal monologues as they escape from my mouth, I leaned into the few months of uncertainty for Winter 2014. I think this is a good year to stop the universal glorifying of hectic and over scheduled lives! YES! That being said, I am looking forward to the next Mom and Pop up Shop at Crafted and have some fun new venues lined up for the year!
    With that, I'm off to make tea and start a new book! Yes, I live on the edge.
I hope everyone had a great holiday season and may 2014 be everything you wish for it to be!
Until next time~
Peace, love and throwing stars,

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Last Holiday Market of 2013

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being a vendor in the SoCalEtsyGuild Mom and Pop up holiday shop up at Crafted at the Port of LA. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it! We left the house at 7am to make the drive up and didn't get home until after 10pm but it was worth every single second! I'm still a wee bit tired from my market marathon this month, but I wanted to pop in tonight and say, "Hello!" and share a few photos I took at Crafted. I hope everyone had a magical Winter Solstice yesterday! I will be back tomorrow with more to say but tonight, I'm going to spend a bit more time basking in the after glow of a holiday market season that ended with this beautiful new venue! Until tomorrow my friends...

The warehouse is so spectacular

I love the multi-colored lights on my frame!

The booth all finished!

I love this venue!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Market Mania in Progress!

I have been lax in my postings & I will get back at it after Sunday, I will! Right now I'm prepping for market 2 of my 3 markets in 7 days marathon! Some of you have requested photos of what I make, so I am going to attempt one better....Let's see if this works:

Monday, November 4, 2013


     November apparently arrived last Friday. Somehow, perhaps due to the insane amount of time I have been spending in my one woman sweat shop, I missed it. It could be because for the first time in 44 years, Halloween came and went without any celebration at all and that really sucked. Not so eloquent, but it works. No pumpkins were carved, no decorations hung aside from a pretty Halloween bunting I made for myself last year, no trick or treaters coming to the door and my spawn decided that they are both too old to go trick or treating.  My 17 year old dressed up and spent the evening at his girlfriend's family's haunted house, my 13 year old spent the evening doing what she does and to be honest, until about 9pm, I was unaware that it was in fact Halloween. When I woke up on Friday and realized that I missed Halloween, I checked the 2014 calendar (aren't tablets handy?!?) and found out that Halloween is on a Friday next year so I decided right then and there that next year I will hostess the Halloween party to beat all Halloween parties! SO.MUCH.YES!
    Now that November is upon us, twinkling holiday decorations have made their way to the stores, mixed in nonchalantly with the other Autumn decorations and we not so suddenly have ourselves a holiday season. There are a lot of folks with their knickers in a knot over wintery holiday decorations out already, but as a person who makes fabulousness with the hopes that people see aforementioned fabulousness and support local artisans by purchasing it for themselves and/or others, if I wait until after carcass day, most folks have already started and if they are those crazy overachievers, finished their holiday shopping. So what's a ninja to do?
    I was an artisan in Artisan's Alley at the farmer's market on Saturday and I am man enough to admit that for a fleeting moment, hanging the spectacular assortment of my one of a kind holiday stockings felt a bit surreal but hang them I did! Oh my are they well hung!
No one purchased a stocking at that market, but nearly every one who visited my booth seemed to be making mental notes of prices/designs/colors/prints and they all asked when I will be back. Sure, it was 75 degrees and sunny, but the holiday spirit was in the air!
    No, I haven't started my actual holiday shopping yet, but I already have a page in my super secret notebook with my cryptic notes detailing which person will be getting what. I do make most of the gifts I give but when I don't make them myself, I buy them from another local artisan because that is how I roll!
     If you do any holiday shopping, when do you usually start?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reappearing Act

     Could it be? Am I really? Did anyone notice? Let's check [yes] on all those questions and get this big top erected! It has been a year since my last confession posting and being the kind and generous Ninja Queen that I am, I will not even attempt to recap the events of the past 12 months. You're welcome.
     This is the official beginning of my busiest time of year, which is amazing considering that busy is my modus operandi, and I have yet again decided to attempt something new! You may remember my Etsy shop, farmer's markets and all that fun stuff, but this year, I have taken on a few new venues and as of this morning, am a confirmed vendor at the Crafted at the Port of L.A. Mom and Pop up shop on December 21! I'm giddy, nervous, excited and a little scared all rolled into one giggling ball of curls and grins.
     Why am I nervous? Well, that's a good question *she says to her odd little dog sitting under the work table*. The farmer's markets have been fairly steady over the last year, but there are always those days where the sales barely cover my booth fee and that is a bit jarring. I love selling at the farmer's market, but due to a bit of mismanagement on the produce side of the market, our attendance is a big way. People in general go to farmer's markets to buy produce, the artisans are a cool little perk, so when the market dwindles down to less than a dozen food/produce vendors, the people find a new market.
"But you haven't answered the question yet"...right...I'm nervous because this is a BIG all day event & anytime you put yourself out there, you run a risk of reality not matching up to the way you envision it in your mind.
    I'm a big fan of visualizing spectacular things, and my mother some may say that that kind of thinking leaves you open to disappointment. I suppose that could be true, but for me, I like to close my eyes and see wondrous things!
   So here I am again...I won't promise to blog on any kind of a regular schedule, but I am glad to be back nonetheless. I hope you have all been well and I look forward to getting caught up on the goings on in the wilds of Bloggerville.
Peace, Love and Throwing Stars~